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Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan is affiliated to the following organizations:

  1. Ex-President, All India Muslim Educational Society (AIMES).  (It has Branches all over the country).
  2. Executive Member, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), Delhi
  3. Confederation of Muslim Educational Institutions of India (CMEII). (Founded by Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Dy. Chairman, Rajya Sabha).
  4. Vice President, Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN), Delhi.
  5. Trustee, Hyderabad Zakat & Charitable Trust – annually gives scholarships for 20,000 poor students.
  6. President, Islamia Education Society – (Founded by my forefathers 115 years ago).
  7. President, Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation – A Charitable Trust.
  8. Founder, Smart Academy: for developing personal skills, vocational training and Women Empowerment
  9. President, Hyderabad Educational Academy: Runs Schools (since 17 years) – one of International Standards.  In all 2500 students on rolls.
  10. President, Forum for Equity & Justice – an Advocacy group – Hyderabad.
  11. Advisor, Equal Opportunities Facilitation Centre (EOFC) - Hyderabad.