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This Website information is meant for the Convenience, Choice, Comfort and Benefit of Minorities and other Weaker Sections as a whole.

If people are benefitted from out of the information provided in our Website, we shall be happy, as this itself is our main motto. But, if you have / anyone has (WHOSOEVER IT MAY BE) wrongly understood the information provided by us and / or, the newspapers, and wrongly apply the same, misinterpret it and / or misutilise the same, and put yourself and/or others to any inconvenience and/or loss, or cause any delay or damage to yourselves and / or others in reaping any such or all benefits,  due to any improper or incomplete publication/transmission of the information (probably by chance) from any part or as a whole, of our Website, WE (including our group of Companies) ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.   For any dissemination, use, review, distribution, printing or copying of the information provided in the Website, IN A WRONG WAY / WRONG MANNER BY YOU (ANYONE WHOSOEVER IT MAY BE)  in whole or in part, we (including our group of Companies) cannot be held responsible.  We (or our group of Companies) do not guarantee that the integrity of any communication

maintained or published by us/the newspapers is absolutely and authentically correct and will 100% benefit each and every person, together or severally, who browsed our Website and act based on such information.