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Subject: STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS - AP Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of AP


To encourage meritorious students, and to prevent them from discontinuing their education on the grounds of non-affordability, the Department of Collegiate Education sanctions various Merit and other Scholarships sponsored by the Govt. of India and State Govt. to the students studying in Government and Private Aided Colleges.

A. Merit Scholarships:

State Special Merit Scholarship:

Sponsored by AP State Government. There are 75 awards for the students of undergraduate classes, who are qualified in the examination conducted by Board of Intermediate Education. An amount of Rs. 150/- per month is given for 10 months based on the merit list given by the Board of Intermediate Education. There is no limit of parental income for this scholarship.

State Merit Scholarship:

Number of awards under this scheme is 300. The undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for this scheme. The award is based on the merit list given by the Board of Intermediate and the concerned University. The amount of scholarship is Rs. 50/- p. m. for I year students, Rs. 75/- p. m. for II &III year students of undergraduate course and Rs. 100/-for postgraduate students. The income limit of the parents for this scholarship is 6000/- p. a.

National Merit Scholarship:

Sponsored by Govt. of India. There are approximately 1300 scholarships. These are Post-Inter and Post-Degree scholarships awarded to students of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses in the State. The award is based on the merit list provided by Board of Intermediate Education and the University concerned. There is a parental income limit of Rs. 25000/- per annum. The rate of scholarship to candidates ranges from Rs.60 to Rs. 300 p.m. depending on the course of study. A candidate whose parental income exceeds Rs. 25,000 p.a. is awarded a Merit Certificate and a notional prize of Rs.100.

Uttama Vidyardhula Upakara Vethanam:

Sponsored by State Government. Number of awards under this scheme is 1150. Scholarships are given to students of undergraduate classes, based on the merit list provided by the Board of Intermediate Education. An amount of Rs. 1000/- p. a. per student is given irrespective of his further Education. There is no income limit of the parents.
The awards allotted are 50 per each district in the State. The scholarships are sanctioned to the top ranking Arts & Science students in the district in the ratio of 40:10 respectively. No proposals are required from the students for this scholarship.

Pratibha Scholarship:

The candidates are tentatively selected in the order of merit in the different categories viz. ST/SC/BC/ Minorities/PH/OC/Woman from the merit list of LAWCET I & II received from the Convener-LAWCET.  Number of awards under this scheme is 60 (LAWCET 3 ydc – 30 & LAWCET 5 ydc – 30) and the amount of scholarship is Rs. 10000/- p. a. An account payee DD is obtained in favour of the candidate and sent to the Law College where he is presently studying.

B. Other Scholarships:

Economically Poor Persons Scholarship:

The awards are limited to the budget provided by the State Government. They are given to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. The annual parental income limit is Rs. 12,000/-. The scholarships are granted as detailed below.


University hostel

Private hostel

Day scholar

Degree course

Rs. 185/- p.m

Rs. 150/- p.m.

Rs. 120/- p.a.

P. G. Course

Rs. 225+25 p.m  (pocket                               money)

Rs. 150/- p.m

120/- p.a. (I year Arts students)

Professional course

Rs. 225+25 p.m (pocket money)

Rs. 150/- p.m

200/- p.a. (I + II year Arts and all science students)

M. Phil

Rs. 225+25 p. m. (pocket money)



Scholarship for the Children of Primary/Secondary Teachers:

Sponsored by State Government. There are 14 scholarship s under this scheme meant for Post-inter and Postgraduate degree students. Parental income limit is Rs. 25, 000/-p. a. the scholarships are awarded as follows.


Day scholars


Degree Course

Rs. 50/-p. m

Rs. 75/-

P. G. Professional Course

Rs. 100/-p. m

Rs. 125/-

General Merit Scholarship (Andhra Region):

Sponsored by State Government. 350 scholarships are awarded to Post-Inter and Post Degree students. The parental income limit is Rs. 6, 000/- p. a.

Riayathi Scholarship (Telangana Region):

These State Government Scholarships are awarded to Post inter ad Post degree students. There are 175 scholarships. The parental income limit is Rs. 10, 000/- p. a.

Scholarship for Children of Government Servants who died while in service:

A State Government Scholarship. The number of scholarships depends on the budget available. There is no limit on parental income.
The above three scholarships are sanctioned as mentioned below. (7, 8&9)
I year Degree Course/Diploma (Prof. Course) Rs. 200/- p. m.
I P. G/Degree Course (Prof. Course) Rs. 300/- p. m

Scholarship for Children and Grand Children of Political Sufferers:

A State Government Scholarship. The number of scholarships depends on the available Budget. The parental income for this scholarship is Rs. 3, 600/-p. a. The students of degree courses are given Rs. 300/- p. a.
The scholarships mentioned above at S. No, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are awarded on the merit from the proposals received from Principals, and are limited to available budget and number of scholarship available.

Scholarships for the Students from Non-Hindi Speaking States for the Post Matric Studies in Hindi:

Sponsored by Government of India. There are 400 scholarships. There is no limit of parental income. They are distributed among Degree and Postgraduate students as follows.
I year Degree                       Rs. 50/-p. m
II year Degree                      Rs. 75/-p. m
P. G and above                     Rs. 100/-p. m
The sanctions are based on the merit from among the applications received from colleges and are limited to the number of awards available

Scholarship for the Students in Oriental Colleges (Only Renewals):

These scholarships are sponsored by State Government. The number of scholarships depends on the budget available. The parental income limit is Rs. 3, 600/- p. a. They are meant for the students of degree students @ Rs. 400/- p. a.

Scholarships for SC, ST and BC Students (At the college level):

Scholarships for the students of Backward Classes and Scheduled Caste are sanctioned by Social Welfare department, while scholarships for Schedule Tribe students are sanctioned by Tribal Welfare Department. These scholarships are sanctioned by the concerned departments based on the proposals received from colleges, subject to prescribed parental income limits and other conditions stipulated by the Government from time to time.