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  Uploaded on Tuesday, June 2, 2011

In May 2011 , Organisations in the field of Education, held a 3-Day Conference at Hyderabad and, gave away “Life Time Achievement Awards” to a few prominent Citizens working in various fields.  I was one given the award, for my work in the field of education.  I feel extremely happy and indebted to MESCO, Confederation of Muslim Educational Institutions of India, Delhi , and National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions of Govt. of India, for considering me for this award.  I appreciated receiving this award, even more because, it has come almost at the end of my active public life.In my acceptance speech I said, while thanking those who gave this award, only because I ran two very successful Schools, one of which Glendale Academy International, which is making unique contributions to schooling not only in A. P., but, perhaps, elsewhere in the Country.  I further observed that, I look at this award more warmth, because of my contribution to the cause of Minorities, in particularly the Muslim Society, my work towards their upliftment in various spheres through my relentless interventions with Govt.,  as an MLA and as a Minister in the Cabinet of Mr. NT. Rama Rao and  Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. I point out, in particular that, my main contribution was more in bringing about a change in the mind set of the Chief Ministers, Ministers, Administrators in the Government to looking upon the poor amongst the Minorities on par with other Weaker Sections i.e., SCs and STs.

It was my suggestion to Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy in 1992, when I met him along with Senior Muslim Citizens, to protest the killing of innocent Muslims in Police Action for merely protesting peacefully after the demolition of Babri Masjid, which was perfectly legitimate.  It was at this meeting that, I suggested to the then Chief Minister, to constitute a separate Department for Minorities Welfare, which will give a focus to their problems by bringing together the related agencies dealing with Minorities, i.e. Wakf, Urdu Academy, Minority Commission, etc. which the Government can address, as per the need of the Community, as in the case of other Weaker Sections as “equal deserving citizens”.  Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy immediately agreed the idea and, in 1993, set up the Minorities Welfare Department and, a separate Secretary with a separate budgetary allocation, in the 1993-94 Financial Year.  Today that Department has a total budget allocation of Rs. 287 Crores, when the first budget was only Rs. 1.81 Crores.  This was the mostly fundamental basic structural change I wanted.  Yet, the Minorities have to get their due share in many aspects of development, which they are not getting, in spite of many representations from me and others to the Prime Minister downward.

Mr. Chandrababu Naidu brought, on recommendation made by the Cabinet Sub-Committee headed by me, which made recommendation on 29 points, of development of minorities which he declared as “Policy for Advancement of Minorities”.   That was in January 1994.  Subsequently, in 1998-‘99, another batch of Schemes were announced by his Government, which was called “Roshni”.  Whatever Institutional changes have come thereafter, have come under these Policies and Programmes. These are being expanded by the Government continuously by opening new Hostels, new Residential Schools, in all Districts for Minorities.

There were many hopes of other interventions I made, some of which bore fruit, others were ignored, by the various Chief Ministers.  If any award is deserved by me as a “Life Time Achievement” it should be in public life, and not personal life.  I feel my most worthy contribution was bringing the changes in Government and administration is thinking, and it is change of mind set to treat Minorities on par with other Weaker Sections in all aspects of development.

Click here and See the Certificate, and the Photo of Life time achievement award, bestowed on Mr. Babukhan for his contribution in the fields of education. Mr. Babukhan receiving the Award at the hands of Justice Siddiqui, Chairman, National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions, Government of India.