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Our Sister Concerns - Organizations/Trusts or Foundations/Educational Institutions - Updated on 17-07-12
Name of Organizations/Trusts or Foundations/Educational Institutions Web Site E-mail ID
Glendale Institute of Management Sciences  (GIMS) www.gimsedu.in info@gimsedu.com
Hyderabad Educational Academy HEA) -- info@glendaleacademy.net
Glendale Academy International GA) www.glendaleacademy.net info@glendaleacademy.net
Springfields Schools SFS), Masab Tank, Toli Chowki www.springfieldsschool.com


Ms. Asma Subhana, Principal

Sprinfeidls Kids (Pre-Schools) Branches at: Alijah Kotla, Tel. No. 040 - 65811160, Masab Tank, Tel. No. 040 - 23311361,Toli Chowki, Tel. No. 040 - 23561901, Malakpet, Tel. No. 040 - 65811161, Aghapura, Tel. No. 040 - 65353568 www.springfieldsschool.com


Ms. Kausar at Alijah Kotla

Bashir & Sarwar Babukhan Trust  (B &SBT) -- bkenterprises@babukhan.com
Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation (KBBF)
  • See it's Profile
  • -- babukhanenterprises@yahoo.com
    Mrs. Sarwar Babukhan Community Centres (SBCCs) -- bkenterprises@babukhan.com
    Begum Babukhan Craft Centre (BBCC) -- babukhanenterprises@yahoo.com
    Forum for Equity and Justice (FEJ) -- babukhanenterprises@yahoo.com
    Name of our Sister Concern Web Site E-mail ID
    Hyderabad Professionals' Forum  (HPF) -- bkenterprises@babukhan.com
    Smart Academy (SA) www.smartacademy.org.in bkenterprises@babukhan.com